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Snippets on The Faith

Of all those who have a sense
of the presence of God, the
atheist's must be best, always
knowing the direction to keep
his back turned.


This Way is like a river, and we
are at its mouth, at the end of its
history.  We can go upcurrent,
examining the past, to see what
the towns on the riverbanks have
dumped into it.  We can see
obstacles in the river, logs, rocks,
whatever, that it flows around.  We
can go back upstream to one of
the river's sources for a portion of
the source of that mighty river's
water, or to another spring, or a
patch of snow or a brook or even
another river.  But no matter where
we are --- the water is still there.


It is not that you have the Spirit of God,
but that the Spirit of God has you.


Αγιος ο Θεος
Αγιος Ισχυρος
Αγιος Αθανατος
Ελεησον Υμας

Who am I?
I betrayed you with a kiss.
I hit you in your face.
I spit in your face.
I made you give up hope in your people.
I denied you.
I gave, against my better judgment, the
    order to kill you.
I took a whip and beat you until your bones
    showed through your skin.
I mocked you.
I made you carry the instrument of
    you execution.
I dogged your steps, beating you when
    you fell.
I held you down.
I held the nails.
I held the hammer.
I fastened you tight to the cross.
I mocked you while you were hung there.
I gave you vinegar to drink when
    you were thirsty.
I watched the light go from your eyes.
I pierced your side with a spear.
Yet I proclaimed you God.
And yet, even after all I'd done,
    you forgive me.
What greater love is there than this?


Above an eagle soars,
nearby a lion roars.
Within the cave,
both ox and man
behold the newborn Lord.


See the dove of the Spirit
pecking in the dirt for seeds....


A world of darkness
    a dream of Light
A virgin consents
    behold the Bright
A journey by donkey
    O glorious night
In Bethlehem of Judah
    behold the Light


©1999-2000, Kevin P. Edgecomb