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The Eusebian Canons

This intriguing system of marginal notations drew my attention almost immediately upon 
opening my first copy of the Nestle-Aland Novum Testamentum Graecum (27th ed.). 
The text for Eusebius' letter to Carpianus is taken from there (pp. 73*-74*), as are the 
listings of the tables themselves (pp. 74*-78*). The translations of Eusebius' letter and 
Jerome's letter (which is helpful as an alternate explanation of the Eusebian apparatus) 
are my own, for the former having help from the Oliver article mentioned in the 
bibliography. I will let Eusebius and Jerome describe the system to you, rather than I.

I have included a table which will indicate in modern chapter.verse fashion (according 
to the NRSV) the extent of the Eusebian pericopes. With the series of tools provided 
by these pages, and with a bible sharing the versification used in the NRSV, any reader 
may utilize the Eusebian apparatus in a modern version.



Eusebius' Letter to Carpianus

Jerome's Letter to Damasus

Eusebian Tables

NRSV Pericope Listings