Thoughts on the Tel Zayit abecedary

Or should that be abgad? Nevertheless, there is an obvious interest in this building stone from Tel Zayit, now playing at a blog near you. While the importance of finding any literate inscription from the ancient world is a cause for celebration, I’d like to state my reasons for caution in making any conclusions regardingContinue reading “Thoughts on the Tel Zayit abecedary”

And there was no more Sea.

And there was no more Sea.VOICES from above and from beneath,  Voices of creation near and far,Voices out of life and out of death,    Out of measureless space,  Sun, moon, star,    In oneness of contentment offering praise. Heaven and earth and sea jubilant,  Jubilant all things that dwell therein ;Filled to fullest overflow they chant,    Still roll onward, swell,  Still begin    Never flaggingContinue reading “And there was no more Sea.”

Hyperbole in Merneptah Stele?

Jim West says it’s not so! Well, he actually only brings into question the well-known line “the people of Israel, his seed is not.” He notes that while most accept the latter part of the line as hyperbole, the first part of the line is not accepted as hyperbole. One has to wonder how aContinue reading “Hyperbole in Merneptah Stele?”

Sun, Moon and Storms

A few days ago, I was reading the John H. Walton paper “Joshua 10:12-15 and Mesopotamian Celestial Omen Texts” (181-190 in Faith, Tradition & History, eds. A.R. Millard, J.K. Hoffmeier, and D.W. Baker) and came upon an interesting idea, quite different from Walton’s. First, the key verses, Joshua 10.12-13: אז ידבר יהושע ליהוה ביום תתContinue reading “Sun, Moon and Storms”


(Wow, is this thing actually working? Hello?) Okay. Welcome, reader, to my brand new blog, biblicalia. You might be able to tell from its name that the primary subject will be Biblical Studies (biblica), and other stuff (alia), including, but not limited to, Classics, Poetry, Patristics, Assyriology, Judaica, Early Christian Studies, Apocalypticism, Apocrypha, Pseudepigrapha, generalContinue reading “Beginnings”