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About Me


I am Kevin P. Edgecomb of Berkeley, California.

You can write to me if you want.

I graduated some years ago from U.C. Berkeley, with a major in Near Eastern
Studies (Classical Hebrew emphasis). Since then, I've kept up with my field of
studies and expanded them to include the early Christian period. I've a special
fascination with apocryphal/pseudepigraphic works, and with early church orders
and lectionaries. You may have noticed that from the site. Some of the translations
here are from scratch, others are based on earlier translations, as noted. In a way,
this website is a record of how my curiosity has led me far and wide.

I'm a member of the Eastern Orthodox Church, and find many of my studies to
be related to my faith, to a greater or lesser degree.

I appreciate all the kind thanks that many have sent, the various links that others
have made to my site, its usage in graduate seminars and sermons, and mention
on email lists and on blogs. I'm always interested to hear what different people find
most useful on the site, or what they've enjoyed most. I also appreciate all input on
things like format and presentation. I try to keep things simple, as you might have
noticed! The important thing here is the information imparted, not the presentation.

Thank you for visiting bombaxo!

About the name "bombaxo"

One thing I'll tell you is where to find the origin of my domain name bombaxo:
Line 45 of Aristophanes' Thesmoporiazusae. "Bombax!" is an exclamation used by a
very funny character, Euripides' father-in-law Mnesilochos.  In line 48, he elaborates
it to "bombalombax."  What does it mean? You'd have to ask Mnesilochos....