Peshitta Canon Tables with Citations

I’ve worked through Pusey’s Tetravengelium Sanctum juxta Simplicem Syrorum Versionem in order to compile modern book, chapter, verse citations for the Peshitta adaptation of the Eusebian Canon Table system. It’s a more detailed set of sectioning and parallels, a clear improvement on the Eusebian. It’s unfortunate that it didn’t spread to replace the Eusebian system, but instead passed out of use with the Peshitta itself, so intimately integrated as it was with that version, when the Harklean version, preferring the Eusebian apparatus, became the favored Syriac version. Fortunately, many manuscripts of the Peshitta Gospels have survived, so that the system is provided in full in many copies so that its text is well-establishhed. The tables are here .


  1. Hi Kevin:
    Ruth was telling me about what your up to now. I did a quick review of you site — very impressive.
    I sent your site address to friends who are also into historical and biblically based research as a good informational source.
    I think of you ever-so-often and remember the tremendous help you so generously gave me while I was doing my research. Just finished a topical article Why Humans? I think I am about finished writing articles at 82.
    Ruth is helping with a final editing (hopefully) of my ten books and articles for posting on our websites.
    Truly happy to hear you are doing well.
    Take Care, Be Safe,
    Budd Cocherell

    1. Hi Bud, and thank you! It’s good to hear from you again, and I hope all is well with all the family!

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